Auto Trading

Auto Trading

The Prime Auto Trading account is a unique, secure and transparent system which allows investors to “mirror” or “copy” the forex trades of highly experienced and successful professional traders. You sign up to mirror a trader of choice and trades are automatically placed and executed based on agreed guidelines.

The cost of Auto Trading is 20% of the profit made (per trader followed). This performance fee is based on a high-watermark rule which means the trader being followed does not get paid for poor performance. Furthermore, if the trader loses money over a period, he or she must recover the fund above the high-watermark (the highest level reached) before receiving any further performance fee payment.

Prime offers different Auto Trading options. Please contact the Prime team for more information. The base account is Prime Classic.

Key Benefits

  • Follow professional and successful traders
  • You decide allocation and capital spreads
  • You set risk levels for each trader
  • Add funds or withdraw funds with no restrictions
  • Operates 24 hours a day, 5 days a week
  • You chose your trader/s based on their previous track record
  • Freedom to add traders to your portfolio, remove traders and pause trades
  • Manually over-ride closing positions
  • Daily/ weekly email notifications summarising trading positions