CFD Trading

As part of your diversification strategy, CFDs are great instruments to add to your trading portfolio.

Trading CFDs allow you to trade commodities, indices and shares.  Make the most of ADS Securities’ innovative trading platforms designed to maximize your trading potential.

What is CFD Trading

A contract for difference, otherwise known as a CFD, is an agreement between two parties (investor and CFD provider) to exchange the difference between the opening and closing price of a contract.

Why Trade CFDs

A CFD – or contract for difference – is a financial product that gives you exposure to an underlying instrument e.g. shares or commodities without having to physically buy the product.

CFD Prices

A short list with Live market CFD Prices for the most traded instruments, based on the 3 account types that you can choose from.

Commodity Trading

Commodity prices are influenced by supply, demand and economic, political, and social factors.  Our gold and oil prices are among the best in the global marketplace.


Index prices represent a market segment of a particular area and can be used to provide an estimation of a nation’s economic or sector performance. We offer some of the highest leverage on a range of global indices.

Shares & Stock Trading

Our range of UK and US Shares, have margin requirements from as low as 5%. Leveraged trading on shares is free from stamp duty and we optimise transparency by displaying our prices with only the market spread.


From an investment perspective, precious metals, in particular Gold, have long been regarded as protection again inflation. This makes it suitable when considering hedging strategies. Our precious metal prices are quoted against USD.

Treasury Bonds

Expand your portfolio by trading the value of the Euro Bund, T bond and Dollar Index. This sector is often considered a safe haven in terms of investment. Our quarterly contracts are offered with 200:1 leverage.


Cryptocurrencies have grown in prominence in recent years with many virtual currencies gaining popularity. The ‘original’ and most well-known of these is bitcoin which was originally released in 2009 and continues to grow in popularity.

Contract Expiries

Details for all contract expiries for the current month can be found here. This is an important consideration when trading CFDs that expire, as your positions are not automatically rolled to the next trading month.