Treasury Bonds

Treasury Bonds

What are treasury bonds?

Treasuries bonds are government-issued bonds used by a country’s government to raise finance.  Investors typically receive interest (known as a coupon) on the “loan” they make to the government or purchase the bonds at an initial discount.  As the issued bonds are traded in the derivative markets as futures, ADS Securities is able to offer the Euro Bund, Bobl, Schatz and U.S. T-Bond in quarterly contracts.   These are popular with traders as investors have long regarded them as ‘safe haven’ assets and can be used to diversify your portfolio.

Why trade treasuries with ADS?

  • Often regarded by investors as ‘safe haven’ assets
  • Leverage on all treasuries at 200:1
  • Spreads from as low as 2 points

Treasury Bonds Trading Conditions

Product Spread Leverage
Euro Bund 2 200:1
T-Bond 3 200:1
Bobl 2 200:1
Schatz 2 200:1